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3 ways to scale your clothing brand ads 

Scaling is the most exciting part of running ads, and there are plenty of different methods to scale, but below we have listed 3 methods that we think work the best! 


CBO (Campaign budget optimization) method


This method is the fastest and most consistent way to scale your ads, which is why we use it the majority of the time.


Firstly you need to have a winning adset, we recommend 3x+ ROAS. 


Then we duplicate that winning adset into a new separate campaign and switch on CBO.


Next, duplicate the adset within your new CBO 3 times (keep everything the same) 


Leave the campaign for 3 days to stabilize if metrics are good (Low CPP high ROAS)  increase the budget by 20% or duplicate the whole campaign and double the budget.  


% increase 


This method is better for smaller budgets as it consists of a gradual approach to scaling.


If we have an adset that is performing well at a low budget but has not got many purchases, we increase the budget by 20-40% per day on the adset as this will not affect optimization on ads.


If your daily budget is £40 per day on an adset you could increase it by a max of £16 without affecting optimization.


Duplication strategy 


Duplication strategy is another way to scale your ads fast, it's not as consistent as the CBO method but it's easier to set up.


Again take a winning ad set and duplicate it but keep it in the original campaign. 


Now we usually double the budget, if your daily budget on the adset is £40, we will try out £80 per day but you can do more or less. 


Then leave the adset for a minimum of 3 days and repeat the process of doubling the budget up to £100-£150 per day. 


Once you start getting into the £100+ per day budget, we would then use the CBO method as it's more stable.

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