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How to remarket your clothing brand 

Did you know retargeting is key to scaling your clothing brand ads?


Retargeting is often overlooked when it comes to advertising but its extremely important to be able to scale your ads


When scaling an ad account people usually try to increase the budget on cold traffic and see the ROAS drop as they increase the budget 


The way to combat the drop in ROAS while scaling is ruthlessly increasing ROAS on the retargeting 


We know that if we can increase the ROAS of the retargeting, we can scale the cold traffic as overall in the ad account the average ROAS will be higher.

Below is the exact framework we use to retarget for clothing brands.



The 3 main custom audiences that we retargeted with:


People that engaged with IG and FB pages


Conversion events: VC ATC IC PUR All 180 days


Video views: 25% to 75% 365 days 


*You can create these audiences by heading to the ''audiences'' section in your ads manager*



The ad creative formula for each audience:


People that engaged with IG and FB pages - Retargeting with TOF ad creative which was a gif and best selling products carousel (not DPA) influencers wearing the clothing as this blends in with IG feed.


Conversion events: VC ATC IC PUR All 180 days - Best selling collection DPA (Dynamic product ads)  + discount code (Usually 10%)


Video views 25% to 75% 365 days - Retarget with still image carousel, the products that were used in the video’s. ( Basically a still image version of the video)

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