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how clothing brands increase AOV with FB/IG ads

We are always looking for ways to increase ROAS for our clients and an easy way to increase ROAS is by increasing AOV (Average order value)

So how do we increase that AOV with ads?


We have noticed different targeting options on facebook leads to different AOV. Targeting Balenciaga compared to H&M we see a difference in AOV.


The demographic that buys H&M is used to buying lower priced clothing.


Someone who's interested in Balenciaga, Gucci or Louis Vuitton is used to buying clothing for £300+, so will be inclined to spend more which results in an increase in AOV.

Go after the demographic that you know is willing to spend more on clothing.

Ad creative 

The way the ad creative is structured can have an impact on AOV.

Selling an outfit in the ad is creative rather than individual products. We make the consumer want to buy the full fit instead of just one piece of clothing.

Using discount codes like ‘’FIT20’’ to give an incentive to buy a full outfit can also help increase the AOV.

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